A-1Piano & Organ Service

Dennis C. Kelvie
P.O. Box 9005
Boise, Idaho 83707

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Better Piano Tuning
  *Best computer software available
                       *Accurate 'by ear' (aural) testing of individual notes
                       *Guaranteed precision

STRING REPLACEMENT - We carry most normally used strings in stock, ready to install.
Hammer Replacement - We have a large supply of vertical and grand piano hammers, new and used in stock. Replacing missing or damaged hammers - done properly and inexpensively.

Hammer Voicing and Shaping - We do this in our own shop with a normal 3-day turn around time.
*Restore the sound of your piano to 'like new'

Black or White Keytop Replacement (individual or complete sets) - We do it properly, or you can install your own. . .

Here are a few examples of  how we do things . .

How they looked before

How they look after they have
been planed

How they look when they are finished!


Hammer Shaping and Voicing

Badly Grooved, hard and unvoiced hammers Finished and voiced to original firmness.