A-1Piano & Organ Service

Dennis C. Kelvie
P.O. Box 9005
Boise, Idaho 83707

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I can tune your piano better than any of the 'new' tuners can.  In almost 40 years of tuning and repairing pianos I have seen  and solved about every kind of 'problem' you might have in your piano, from an old upright with
rusty strings to a brand new Grand Piano that needs its initial tuning and
regulation (adjustment to factory specifications)!  The BEST in Technology AND old fashioned 'by ear' tuning combined!

We don't SELL pianos.  Those who SELL PIANOS MAKE MORE MONEY IF
YOU A NEWER ONE than they would if they simply repaired and
tuned YOURS.
We consider that to be a CONFLICT OF INTEREST!


CHECK OUT OUR PROMOTONS!  You will not find them anywhere
but here!  And CHECK THEM OFTEN (We change them FREQUENTLY!)